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Welcome to Artistic License 19!

I'm here to create a safe container for individuals who are on a journey of self-discovery. Teaching people who are eager to uncover their true potential and explore the depths of their own being is my passion.

Through guided visualization, I facilitate the process of self-discovery. I encourage journaling to help you bring clarity to your thoughts and chart a path forward. With a brush in hand and a sense of freedom, I invite you to express yourself on canvas, giving form and color to your innermost thoughts and emotions.

I thrive on the exhilaration of deep work. Discovering new perspectives on old reactions brings hope and joy into my life. I love sharing innovative ways to navigate emotions, providing a personally curated safe space where you can fully embrace your feelings.

Approaching intentions with creativity and employing a variety of processes, I invite you to explore a multitude of experiences expressed on canvas. Each direction we take reveals new content, enriching our lives with depth and meaning. I am fully immersed in this transformative journey, walking alongside you every step of the way.

At Artistic License 19, my purpose is to support those who yearn to feel at ease in their own skin, as I like to say, "to be able to go to bed with your head." My deepest desire is to guide you in exploring yourself through creative self-expression, allowing you to play with colors and light, and ultimately finding wholeness in every aspect of your life.

My favorite tools for this transformative process include canvas, brushes, acrylics, mixed media paper, pens, images, text, words, and glue sticks. I create a space that fosters connection with yourself and others, using words that ignite your imagination and invite the discovery of what truly moves you.

Witnessing the tangible and unexpected results that emerge from this creative journey is immensely rewarding. Your painting becomes a reflection of the new insights you have gained by immersing yourself in the free space of creation. It is a testament to your commitment and the materials you invest, a symbol of the stories you've weaved or the breath of fresh air you've brought to your existing narrative. Leaving this experience, you will discover more about yourself than you ever expected.

I am fascinated by the sharing of courageous self-exploration and the profound transformations that our processes bring forth. I love hearing your stories and learning about the discoveries you have made. You will find yourself sharing with friends that this experience surpassed mere waiting; it was an evolutionary journey that allowed you to access your own wisdom.

Together, we can embrace connection, growth, wisdom, choice, and the exploration of our emotional range. We can share how we process grief, find joy, embrace possibility, and sing songs of hope.

These inquiries and experiences have changed my life, helping me to accept all aspects of myself—the good, the bad, and the ugly. They have allowed me to grow into a better person, capable of embracing a wide range of emotions. I have become a model of self-directed change and soul development, all while enjoying the process. I have discovered that I can create from a place of joy!

The deepest reason I do this work is because it is essential to my own life experience. I strive to find as many ways as possible to express that life is more than what meets the eye. We each have a choice in how we show up in the world, and we can choose to make it the best life possible. As beings of form and energy, it is our purpose to exist and "BE." The discovery of this truth is what fuels my passion.

When I am not immersed in the creative process, I find joy in various activities. I enjoy playing video games, spending long swaths of time playing with my cat and dog, luxuriating in conversation with my children, singing out loud, being in the garden, swimming in the pool, cleaning and organizing my spaces for ease and comfort, lovingly looking at colors and shapes, and going on road trips without a map.

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