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Permission Slip

I struggle with disappointment.

At first I struggled with being disappointed. I had a friend ask me one day, "Did you think you were never going to be disappointed?" And I thought to myself, you know what, I did. What an awakening that was for me!

Then I struggled with disappointing others: quitting a job, leaving a community, leaving a relationship.

And right now, as I look at the image, I see I misspelled!

So, here is my practice:

First: Awe. How amazing is it that I have an immediate example for processing disappointment?! I think it is Existence jumping in to help me teach. I am smiling from ear-to-ear.

Second: Choice. I have many choices here. I can leave it, so that this image becomes a teaching tool. I was planning on using this image on the front of my business cards. It would give me an immediate opportunity to practice forgiveness and gratitude with someone when I hand them the card.

Third: Practice. To practice moving past disappointment. I can keep it, redraw it or better yet, cross out the extra "s", lol. To practice action over perfectionism. To practice accepting of being human. To practice compassion over misspelled words.

What would you do?

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