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direct experience unleashed

This year, this month is being exploratory into what if the wisdom & advice I took was from my direct experience?

Can I look at my life and explore the rooms opened and yet to be explored to see/reveal more content? What if I spoke in terms of direct experience without associating explanation or value?

An example would be this sense of a bright light that is masculine that smiles with complete joy and love at me, with me, within me. Who is this being? What is his name? How did it come to be? Is there something I need to do because of it? I don't see it, I sense it. I feel it. It is joyful, wonderful, beautiful loving experience. Is it an entity? Is it something I am unable to see within the visible light spectrum I am attached to? If I could see in different light, what might I find? It is beyond my understanding and yet is direct experience. One I am grateful for the opportunity to share within awareness.

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