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My creation from the class Medicine Mask from Milagros Suriano-Rivera. A thrill to bring to fruition a lifelong desire to create a mask. I have been fascinated by masks most of my life. Feeling multi-faceted, and not just one way, it is comfortable to express a facet by presenting a different face. One of my favorite songs is "Who Do You Want To Be Today" by Oingo Boingo . On days when I feel something other than how I hope to feel, I step into who I want to be with; a gesture, a change of clothing/makeup, a shift in perspective, or a huge influx of energy-on-demand. Be not afraid to accept that you are not just one way. A human has a myriad of feelings and a variety of expectations, even about one thing. Accepting that each place has a infinite amount of possibility can result in living life from a place of openness that does not disregard discernment.

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