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Artistic License 19

I have artistic license

I declare

I have artistic license

that's why I dare

to see it through

without spectacles on

to sing outloud

when I hear the song

quieter and quieter

the symphony plays on

lighter and lighter

the colours brightly shown

the direction I seek

the 370 degree turn

the one that I travel

because my heart yearns

to see the unseen

a path few have chosen

to find a way

to end years of suffering

heal yourself

heal the world

I believe

as I get down onto

my human formed knees

a wide open vessel

with direction of a laser beam

cutting a path

through this dimly lit dream

a foot in both worlds

without splitting apart

is the song of the soul

that's deep in my heart

what purpose

does it serve

to live my so?

what action

is achieved

with a foot

in both doors?

the possibility

of seeing it

in a new way


a new path

on one

already laid

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